August 26, 2010

You don’t know me, but you’ve seen my work

I have been a working makeup artist for close to 20 years now. I have had my career ups and my career downs. Strangely, it was the career ups I was most secretive about. For the longest time I was under the impression that anonymity was the way to go.

Was it insecurity, pride, or just lacking the ability to recognize my own accomplishments?  Well, all of the above, along with the brutal competition that lies within the world of makeup artistry. I believed that by being quiet about my work protected me from scrutiny from my peers as well as false claims of ownership. Wow, was I wrong!

Let’s be real here, artists of any kind will never be exempt from the scrutiny of others particularly their peers. In a nutshell... I have found that some of my work has not only been recognized and appreciated, but also claimed by others. Sadly, the artists I had trusted to work by my side had decided to take a little too much credit. What I have learned about myself , is that I wouldn’t ever do things any differently. That old saying “It takes a village” is true, but then again, every village has a leader.


  1. As an artist who has followed your work (even if I didn't know you were the artist)... I'm glad you're putting yourself out there. I hope to learn from you!

  2. Awesome work! (begins clapping and the crowd joins in)

    The people who need to know, already do. You have fans everywhere!

  3. i know her and learn from her you will

  4. Kerry's work is mind blowing and truly one of a kind. She takes the word artist to a whole other level.



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